1. Men of Power
    The purpose of the Men of Power ministry is to motivate, inspire and empower men to live life in its abundance according to scripture. Men are trained to live and think based on biblical principles and it also includes our Boys to Men mentoring program.
  2. Women of Influence
    This ministry is designed to stimulate and empower women to fulfill Gods spiritual purpose for their lives and to execute their secular goals. It is to teach the Priorities of a Godly Women while establishing its foundation with our Making of a Lady program.
  3. Educational Empowerment Ministry
    This ministry assists in the overall aid to education related issues- GED programs, higher education assistance and tutoring programs.
  4. I’m Bigger Than My Addiction Ministry
    An addition program geared towards individuals who struggle with substance dependency. If focuses on prayer, purpose and priorities to help overcome addiction related behavior.
  5. Single But Saved Ministry
    Teaches participates how to live according to scripture while yet being single.This ministry also discusses practical principles such as what is a healthy relationship and what qualities to look for in a mate.
  6. You,Your Child and Your Savior
    A single parent ministry which boast on God’s involvement as the supporter and provider. Answers the questions: How to maintain as a single parent and How to balance a career and being a single parent.
  7. Ministry of Music and Arts
    The Music and Arts Ministry is designed to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through creative visible formats and encourage believers in their walk with Christ through theatre.
  8. Financial Empowerment Ministry
    The Financial Empowerment Ministry teaches the principals of partnering with God to become successful. This ministry sets the foundation for financial independence, the rules to budgeting and how to start a successful business.
  9. Ministry of Pastoral Services
    The Ministry of Pastoral Services include the visitation and bereavement ministries, hospital ministry and caters to the needs of those who are sick and shut in.
  10. The Prison Ministry
    The Prison Ministry has been set up to aid the restoration of the lives of the imprisoned. Its core principals help give spiritual influence to get rid of harmful patterns and unhealthy attitudes. It anchors on teaching the incarcerated on how to become positive contributors to society.